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Most doctors and nutritionists agree breakfast is the most important meal of the day and over half of the population (57%*) agree! Yet despite this, and probably due to the ever busier lifestyles we now all lead, over a third of us (36%*) are now regularly skipping or minimising this absolutely key mealtime.

Allegedly, even though there are over 16.5 billion breakfast occasions in the UK each year, around 60% of us don’t realise the health benefits and 19%* think breakfast importance is over-rated, with 15%* skipping breakfast altogether;  and with an estimated 2.5 billion brekkies being missed, that can’t be good!

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to let breakfast drift down the morning priority list, but just taking a quick break from your hectic schedule can make a big difference as breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight sleep or fast. Although the majority of us still eat breakfast at home with 38% breakfasting in the kitchen; breakfast to go, reflecting those busy lifestyles, is growing with around 40% of the work-force either eating on-the-go or at work.

Breakfast is important and should be tasty, enjoyable and healthy! So along with our brand partners, we’ll be offering simple breakfast tips, advice and recipes to help get your day off to great start; plus you can actually come along and get a taste of just how easy, good and healthy breakfast can be at our Breakfast RoadShows! *The Grocer Digital Breakfast Report 2015

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National Deskfast Day

Celebrating all of those hard-working desk-bound souls, 'National Deskfast Day' returns for a 2nd time on Tuesday March 22nd with a big celebration at Waterloo station.

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