Happy National Deskfast Day!


Wednesday, April 12th is National Deskfast Day

National Deskfast is the day when we salute all of those hardworking souls who have little option, whether time-wise, or from pressure of work,  but to have breakfast at their desk or workstation.  The pressure of a busy work-life can get to us all and increasingly so for many that inevitably means that Breakfast becomes Deskfast!


Deskfasting, Work, Rest & Play!


Whether your desk is at home, or in the office, Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, but as we increasingly become time-poor, there’s lots of pressure to miss ‘brekkie’ with 2.6 billion less breakfast occasions being taken in 2016! (Kantar & Trade market estimates)


Enter & Your Office Could Win A Visit From Our Brand Believers


Don’t forget to enjoy National Deskfast Day this year; tell us how you’re going to celebrate it and your office could win a visit from our Breakfast Brand Believers, who’ll be distributing A Better Breakfast Boxes to lucky recipients.


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